Hi Mark – My guests love the slushee…my kids said to have it again next year! Well done and thanks for all the cooperation! Many ask for recommendations will let them have your details… well done and thanks for making my Eid party a success! 

– Rashidah & Alfie, Bukit Panjang –

Featured on Jennifer Gargiulo’s blog http://diaryofanexpatinsingapore.blogspot.sg/2013/09/boys-birthday-parties-be-prepared.html

I just want to thank you, Mark, for your machines for our event yesterday. Just in case you did not know, your slushies were really popular yesterday. We ran out of it by afternoon which led us to order another batch from you in the afternoon. Thanks so much for you help and your patience especially with the location of the event. Looking forward to work with you sometime soon! – Jianyi Chan, Big Day Out event in Sentosa –


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