Sluhies for school fundraising events

February 1, 2014


One of our most usual clients are schools who want to raise funds during their events like carnivals or sports festivals. What they do is rent the machine from us for a day or two and use it to sell  slushie drinks for about $1.50 to 2.50 per drink.  They can easily cover the rental fee and make a substantial mark up from this.  If you are a school event organiser,  you can easily raise funds  using our machines and we can also guarantee that the students will absolutely loooove our slushies!  In one sports event, the organisers did not quite anticipate how popular the slushies would be so they ran out of drinks in  the first two hours of the event!  They had to call us up and we had to make a special delivery so that they can continue serving slushies throughout their event.   The students cheered when we arrived an hour later and the queuing started again!



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