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February 9, 2014


Happy Singapore folks! I hope you’ve had loads of fun on your CNY reunion dinners and you are stuffed from all the eating and drinking ! If some of you have had the chance to try our cocktail machines, you are the lucky ones! If you haven’t, well there are a few holidays coming up so you have a chance to redeem yourselves.


We always always get asked about flavours – which ones are the best-sellers, which ones are the kids’ favourites, which ones are most appropriate if one is adding alcohol? First things first, the best sellers are strawberry, mango and lime and kids favourites are mango, grape and green apple. The best ones to have with alcohol are lime (add tequila to make margaritas), strawberry (add white rhum to make daiquiri) and cola (add vodka, rhum or whiskey). I hope this info helps if you are struggling to decide which flavour to get. We always suggest to get two flavours so that there is more variety in the drinks. Having two flavours also creates talking points among the guests, making your party or event even cooler than you could possibly expect!

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