February 28, 2014


This week!

This week has been very mental with so many things to finish but it felt like it just whizzed by.  I think I’m not the only one who is feeling the pressure working in a country like Singapore where standards are high and the competition is fierce. Weekend is my reprieve when I look forward spending time with my family and I get time to just slushie chill. Have a good restful weekend everyone and remember that if you are having a party or event this weekend, you can always give us a call!

February 17, 2014


Weekend is done and dusted

It was a busy weekend indeed! I ended up joining the hubbs do the delivery rounds and it is just heartwarming for both of us that all of our customers just loved the slushies! Some even said it was the highlight of their party. Most of those who booked this weekend were for kid parties so the flavours like green apple, mango and pink guava were top hits.

February 15, 2014


Slushies will be a massive hit this weekend!

I don’t know if the dates this weekend are auspicious or what?  It seems that so many Singapore folks are partying this weekend and our cocktail machines are going to fly out the door today and tomorrow.  Maybe it also helps that the temperature has reached the 30s again so Singaporeans are seeking the cool refreshment of a slushie cocktail.  We still  have a few machines left so you can still give us a call us at 91452009 if you want to book one!


February 13, 2014


Friday is not too far away now

Is it just me or is everyone getting so much workload these days? I think I have missed so many deadlines and my to do list is longer than a mile. If you’re like me, you must be thankful that it’s almost Friday now and that weekend is now beckoning.  I can’t wait to hang out by the pool on Saturday while sipping some lovely slushies. It has been quite warm in Singapore lately so that icy drink will come in handy.  There is no rest for my husband though as he will be catering to four events and parties this weekend! Keep the parties going and keep the slushies flowing! yay!

February 9, 2014


Popular flavours

Happy Singapore folks! I hope you’ve had loads of fun on your CNY reunion dinners and you are stuffed from all the eating and drinking ! If some of you have had the chance to try our cocktail machines, you are the lucky ones! If you haven’t, well there are a few holidays coming up so you have a chance to redeem yourselves.


We always always get asked about flavours – which ones are the best-sellers, which ones are the kids’ favourites, which ones are most appropriate if one is adding alcohol? First things first, the best sellers are strawberry, mango and lime and kids favourites are mango, grape and green apple. The best ones to have with alcohol are lime (add tequila to make margaritas), strawberry (add white rhum to make daiquiri) and cola (add vodka, rhum or whiskey). I hope this info helps if you are struggling to decide which flavour to get. We always suggest to get two flavours so that there is more variety in the drinks. Having two flavours also creates talking points among the guests, making your party or event even cooler than you could possibly expect!

February 7, 2014



It’s Friday, Singapore folks! Time to destress and enjoy the weekend. We have a few parties to cater to tomorrow so it will be a working weekend for us.  Again we’re not complaining, we are chuffed to bits that we are now becoming popular in the party and event space and all of you, our customers are enjoying our cocktail machines. Happy weekend!

February 5, 2014


Buying more mixes

No worse time than being in a middle of a party with your cocktail drinks running out! We were just talking to one of our regular customers and she said that they ran out of cocktail drinks the last time she had a party and they were forced to end it earlier than planned.  So just a word of advice – just order extra refills and if they remain unused, you can just return them to us unopened and we can refund the payment.  Refill bottles are just $30 per bottle and each one can fill up one bowl or equivalent to 11 litres of cocktails.

February 3, 2014


Long term hire

Hello there Singapore folks!

Just want to let you know that our slushie machines are not just for events and parties.  Some of our clients include schools, restaurants and bars who rent cocktail machines from us for long term.  If you have a food and beverage business, we have various packages for you depending on the duration of the hire.  Having a cocktail machine has a lot of benefits – the mark up is quite significant (it can go from 500 to 800%).  The drink can also be dispensed in a few seconds so if you are a bar owner, you can save a lot in labour costs and will make the customers happy for they won’t be queuing long for their drinks. Finally, having cocktail machine is like having passive income – there is very little effort required from your end and the margins are hefty! Do drop us an email if you are interested.


February 2, 2014


Birthday party ideas

A lot of the events that we cater to are for themed birthday parties for kids. You see, the slushie drinks have attractive colours that go well with various cartoon or superhero character themes. We had one client that had Transformers as a theme so she opted for strawberry and grape flavours. One client wanted something to go well with her Spongebob Squarepants theme so she got a mango flavour. Some even ‘dress up’ the slushie machine to fit their theme. Tell us if you have a theme in mind and we would gladly help!

February 1, 2014


Sluhies for school fundraising events

One of our most usual clients are schools who want to raise funds during their events like carnivals or sports festivals. What they do is rent the machine from us for a day or two and use it to sell  slushie drinks for about $1.50 to 2.50 per drink.  They can easily cover the rental fee and make a substantial mark up from this.  If you are a school event organiser,  you can easily raise funds  using our machines and we can also guarantee that the students will absolutely loooove our slushies!  In one sports event, the organisers did not quite anticipate how popular the slushies would be so they ran out of drinks in  the first two hours of the event!  They had to call us up and we had to make a special delivery so that they can continue serving slushies throughout their event.   The students cheered when we arrived an hour later and the queuing started again!