December 31, 2014


Busy bees!

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The last two quarters in 2014 have have been absolutely busy for us here at Slushee Surprise.  We have been catering to lots and lots of birthday parties, weddings, product launches and company events.  One of our favourites would be catering to lil Ellie’s first birthday party last December.  The kids enjoyed the fun and games, loved the desserts and devoured the slushies.  We are knackered but we absolutely enjoyed making everyone happy.  We look forward to more events in 2015 so keep those orders coming!

October 4, 2014


Facebook Page

We are quite pleased reaching 1000 likes on Facebookl Very thankful to the people who have been supporting our slushie machines the past few months.  It’s a bumpy ride but the amount of inquiries we receive on a daily basis is a testament that Singapore is embracing our new way of having parties and events.  From small intimate birthday parties to lavish weddings, our customers have been raving about our slushies.  Check out our latest reviews on Facebook -

We have also been quite active in supporting schools in their fundraising events.  Schools we have recently catered to include Nanyang Girls High School, NPS International School, German European School, St Stephen’s School.  We will be joining an event in ITE College and Nanyang Polytechnic this month so if yu are in the area, drop by for a slushie!  Check out our pictures in the NPS International School event below.  We just love the artwork that the kids did for us.  The school has raised $1000+ for this event so well done!






August 23, 2014


Nanyang Girls’ High School Event

We are pleased to be part of Nanyang Girl HIgh School’s carnival event last 16th of August.  The slushies were wiped out on the fist hour of the event so we had to close our booth to refill.  All in all, a very successful event and the organizers raised a substantial amount using the sales from slushies.   If you are interested on how you can use our slushie machines for fundraising events, drop us an email at and we will get back to you in 24 hours.



July 14, 2014


Tips to Buy Party Supplies in Singapore

Friends looking at photo album

There is a great difference between buying party supplies from a retailer and buying them from any wholesaler. The reason being, you will get good discounts on any items you purchase including plates, knife, napkins, disposables etc. The money you save through discount can be used to provide more fun to the invitees. Any occasion, just celebrate with your choice of items in best ever wholesale price. Above all, getting your Singapore party supplies in discounted price gives entirely different feeling, you feel as if you have really achieved something.
There are different occasions we all celebrate besides Christmas, Halloween etc. when Singapore Party supplies and alcohol supplies are on their peak. Besides these, baby showers, birthday celebration or anniversary celebrations etc are always in demand. These events with every other type of events require specially tailor made themed supplies. Hence, the market is always ready and prepared to serve you according to your needs and demand. You just need to choose the best one for yourself.

Going market and roaming around different shops is a tedious and cumbersome process. This requires lot of your time and money both. Then, what to do? The answer to this simple question is, go online. There are some very good sites available on the net which are fully capable of fulfilling all your needs towards any type of party supplies.


Online store not only provide variety but also you will get best price and varied themes you can choose. You simply need to search for best Singapore party supplies or alcohol delivery or whatever according the event or theme of your celebration. This is one of the most time saving technique and you don’t even have to sweat in searching for your party requirements.
Whenever the word “Party” comes in mind, the first thing that attracts whole attention is the “kids”. You can make those party moments amazing and memorable for every person attending the party and especially the kids. Nowadays, so many new products are available which can make the party more amusing and dynamic. These supplies accommodate a very broader spectrum of tastes. Not just the kids but each and every person attending the occasion will feel delighted. All this is the cost within your budget.

These days so many online stores are available from where you can choose the items you are looking for the event. You can have comparison of price and have full freedom to choose. The first thing anyone does before anything is to decide a budget. But, are you able to stick to your budget? I don’t think so. When you are in market you feel like buying everything and you end up buying some sappy items most of the time. Here you can avoid this by selecting only those you really will need. Moreover, for adding more of a unique touch to an event, personalized party favors are an idyllic path to adopt. These party favors are custom designed for your particular style or type of event.
Singapore party supplies have numerous advantages over traditional party supplies. So, the next time while you’re planning an event and require supplies, give it a thought for a minute to consider them. You will surely proud of your decision.

July 13, 2014


World Cup Party!

We’ve catered to a World Cup party  last Friday and the celebrations were in full swing! The blue and yellow slushies / cocktails blend really well with the Brazil colours and were indeed a hit among office staff.  We added vodka on blue lemonade which everyone loved and we also had mango for those who did not want alcohol in their drinks.  See how the people enjoyed helped themselves to the slushies below!


IMG-20140711-WA0006 IMAG0652 IMAG0653 IMAG0639 IMAG0657 IMAG0659 IMAG0658

June 7, 2014


How to choose best birthday party supplier in Singapore

Both the parents and the kids enjoy making plans for any party. Party is not confined to any age or sex; all of us take pleasure in making preparations for party or attending a party. It is quite stressful going over the checklist, instead, a very little online searching for better tips as to from where and how to choose the party supplies will make the entire process relatively easy and stress-free.
If you get bored of the monotonous life, then having a party is always the best choice to bring in together with friends and family thereby breaking the monotony. Celebrating your child’s birthday, anniversary, promotion, success in exams etc are such wonderful excuses to throw a party and where you can express your love and pride. If it’s a birthday party of your child, then make sure to involve your child in the planning process to make him or her appreciate it more.
Now that you have decided to throw a party, the next thing comes into mind is, how to choose the party supplies you’ll need? It is necessary that the supplies you opt for must be practical to use for serving food, drinks or cleaning spills. If you will search for party supplies online, you will be directed to sites that will provide you with a checklist of items you’ll be requiring for a kid’s party. Nowadays, most party supplies sites provide theme party packages which saves both time and money. Themed party packages are quite trendy, especially with kid’s birthday parties as they reflect a child’s interests, preferred activities and cartoon characters. They also include the birthday party supplies you’ll need such as invitations, decorations, vessels and utensils.
Though, a themed party package already has everything you entail, you will still need to make sure that the items included will last until end of the party which will be worth half the party budget you have spent. Time is equally considerable factor, selecting your party supplies in advance will ensure that you get the best package and may even save a bit by going for a first-comer discount at times. The best part of getting your supplies online is that you get a wide variety of options that also allows you to compare price.
The only thing to be done is to decide for a party and search for good party supplies. With the help of internet, it has become easy to find out such sites which fulfill all your party needs.
Party supplies have now become an essential part of planning process for the perfect party. For the best party supplies in Singapore, check out Party Supplies Singapore and plan the most perfect party ever.

May 18, 2014


Party Supplies Singapore for an Awesome Party!

While celebrating a party for any occasion can be absolutely fun, you will not refute that such gatherings involve a lot of work.

A party preparation means that you are required to invest plenty of time and attention. The most important thing is to reserve the venue, as you don’t know if the thought venue is available on your required date. Then you will have to plan and decide upon the food and beverages you will serve. These are the two main tasks you have to accomplish the moment you thought of such party. Some music and games suitable for all ages will further enlighten your party. You should also add some activities to engage your guests fully. All these preparations will surely blow your mind away.

Deciding on how many guests you are expecting or planning is another equivalent task to be accomplished well on time. Because that will help you determine your budget for everything. Once you know how many and whom you are inviting, you will have to send invitation. Thanks to the modern technology through which you can send invitation via email, social media and of course the printed invites are still there. Though, its good to send printed cards, but they are time consuming and costly too. Social media and email invitations are very cheap and fast.

Drinks are the vital servings of any party. They act as vibrators and alleviate the mood of the party. It becomes essential to have good party supplies to make your task easier. At the same time, you can’t overlook the budget. But, you don’t have to go anywhere when the internet is there. You can find out good and reliable party supplies that come under your budget. Appropriate party supplies and decorations ensure 100% peace of mind and your place will have real party vibes.

Even a simple room can be transformed with the help of right decorations and make them look awesome party place. If it’s a child’s birthday party, then there is a great possibility of having a character-themed celebration and decoration. You can choose to have superheroes along with cartoon and television characters.

You can add disposable cups, plates, and utensils may be of the color of your theme. They not only add to the color to the celebration but also save your money for enormous dishwashing chores after the party is over. This is definitely a sensible investment, though not that much. The time here you save can be invested with your guests. They should feel special and each guest should get individual attention to the extent possible.

April 18, 2014


How to decorate birthday party in Singapore

Decoration is the lifeline of any birthday party in Singapore. Parents usually go out at various places in search of most amazing decorations for party. You will find variety of themes available that will amaze you and those will be sufficient to make you confuse. Then, the budget has to be taken care of too which becomes a difficult challenge to control after viewing so many luring decorations. But no longer will confusion now, as with the help of this article it will become easy for you to select some for your party.

You can make your party happening and pleasurable by merely following a few essentials. Some of these guidelines on how to decorate birthday party will certainly ignite and initiate a few ideas for birthday party decorations:

Party entrance

A beautiful carpet matching with the theme of the party will enlighten the entrance.
A more dramatic entrance will be more helpful to get the guests into party mood.
Use of bright colors also attracts guest attention.
Putting some colorful curtains force guest to think what beyond this.
Theme for the party

You need to choose an appropriate theme for the birthday party.
The age of the guests is be considered while selecting a theme.
Prior knowing of a theme makes planning the decorations comparatively easier as it identify for specific decorations.
Use of balloons

Colorful balloons are very obvious for any birthday party Singapore. Thinking without them is quite very rare.
Balloons together with bunting have been a favorite with decorators.
They can be used with different dramatic effects like balloon drops, big balloon chandeliers dangled from the ceiling, giving shapes of animals etc.
Playing with the lights

You can choose candles at places at particular distance to give it a great look.
Lighting must fit to the type of party going on.
Special lighting like disco lights or strobe lights can also be used as per the theme.
The former mirror balls are somewhat excellent.
At the entrance of a birthday party Singapore you can also use string lights.
While doing all this, you still need to be conservative as you cannot go beyond your budget. Another imperative factor is the time; you would not like to spend all your time in planning and visiting outlets to get the desired results. So the best way is to prepare a checklist of what exactly you want and stores in your vicinity to avoid any confusion and delay.

If you are planning a birthday party in Singapore can help you to organize an stunning party. is providing party supplies like frozen drinks, alcohol delivery and many more.

April 12, 2014


Birthday Party Singapore Tips and Advice

BirthdayParty Singapore

Birthday parties are the most exciting event in every child life. We parents have to really work hard to make their birthday experience thrilling and interesting all the time.

As long as the participants are young, you need to worry less about the arrangements. That means you can relax to some extent. Kids are the best in engaging themselves relatively us. Though, this does not mean that you can leave them and allow them do whatever they want to. Definitely, you need to keep a watch and this is the key to success of any birthday party without much intervention.

Budget and plans
Budget is a vital factor to consider before you go ahead. A set budget for everything like food, venue, number of guests etc has to be there for a smooth going on. Deciding the theme of the party is another task you should do before going out for shopping for the birthday party.  Selecting an appropriate place is required as kids need lot of space. Not just this, but also the place should be safe from the point of view of children of all age. Usually, kids don’t like to sit at one place for long like adults, so venue should be such that they get ample space to run and play. Partying at someone’s house can be a good idea which has big lawn to accommodate all your guests. The number of kids and their age will help you settle on the kind of games you should arrange. Considering little older kids is equally important.
Making Checklist
Going for shopping without a checklist might prove to be a great gaffe. Checklist ensures that you are buying only the listed articles and not any unnecessary ones what is usually done while shopping. When you jot down all the required articles you need on the day of birthday party, there is no chance of chaos on the eve. You can chill out as now you don’t need to retain information into your mind. The list should include articles like eatables, cake, games, food etc and of course it will be made within your budget you had decided prior making it.
If you are planning for sending invitation cards, you need to send them well on time, at least 2-3 weeks ago to the birthday party date. This will enable parents to plan buying gifts. Sending e-mail is the fastest mode of sending invitation, as this will save lot of time. Offering an RSVP would be wise decision, as this will enable you know how many people and in what ratio parents and children are expected for the party.
Games and Activities
The age and location of the party will decide the type of games to be included. The kids need to be busy in games and activities till the time they are there. To get ideas, you can involve kids. This will ease your task and kids will enjoy the most. Do not forget to consider the kind of weather during party.

March 3, 2014


Slushies warming up in Singapore

It’s that time of the year again temperatures rise in Singapore and slush season has officially started.  It’s funny how the number of visitors in our website goes really high when temperatures soar.  Nothing like a slushie to quench a thirst eh? Get in early to book your cocktail  machine. As you know, slushies are a great way to enjoy a delicious cool beverage   with friends and family. Add alcohol for the adults to make frozen cocktails, or just leave it as it is for the kids to enjoy a slushy treat.

We are taking slushy machine hire bookings for March to May. Feel free to browse our site for a range of slushy machine hire packages or give us a call if you have some questions.